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Support Groups 

We provide a safe and healthy environment for healing and the well being of the whole person. We use a mindfulness and therapeutic approach to help improve the overall quality of live for those living with HIV/AIDS  


HIV/HCV Testing 

As a front line for linkage to care, prevention, minimizing stigma, our HIV/HCV testing is vital. Partnered with Riverside University Health System we test in rural at risk areas throughout the community.  



Transportation services is imperative to help our clients with the medical assistance they need. We ensure transportation for our clients to their medical doctors for HIV/AIDS related purposes. Transportation covers all of Mid Riverside and South Riverside County.



Case Management ​

Our case managers are our client’s linkage to care, client development, and client autonomy building. Our case managers provide an overall navigation of services and community resources ensuring the client maximize their service experience and leverages the benefits. 


Hygiene Support 

Working with at risk populations in the community, we often meet them where they are at. It is essential that we provide hygiene products to our clients, and hygiene counsel to those who needs it to aid in their personal health sustainment.


Food Support 

Living with HIV or AIDS can be taxing, so we make sure our clients don't have to live hungry. We receive donations for food through local nutritional services like churches, food pantries, donations, etc to help our clients and their families who are low on food. 

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