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The Positive+ Project

The Positive+ Project is a series of programs designed to bring awareness, decrease stigma, and accumulate resources that aid us in touching our families lives in a positive way. We aim to bring love and positivity to all those who are affected by HIV and AIDS and those at risk of becoming HIV+. 


Help us touch the lives of our families in a positive way and join The Positive+ Project. No one positive left behind.

Do you want to share your heart? Your tax deductible donation will go towards supporting the needs of our families. Help bring some positivity into families living with AIDS hearts.  

Get involved in making a difference, whether its through volunteering, becoming a mentor, family sponsorship, or becoming a FLACC donor. We want you involved.

Families Living with AIDS’ purpose is to reach as many families and individuals as possible, who are suffering from the trials and tribulations that comes with living with HIV/AIDS.

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